Forever 21 inspired by LV

The necklace is not bad at all, that chain detailing is cool. Very eye-catching.
I'm thinking about buying it.

'IT' designers

I can't say anything, nothing new.
Black background wasn't a great choose for the darker outfits. The dresses are cool, colorblocks are signatures at Versace.
Giorgio Armani
Fabulous collection! Love the embellishments and that blazer with the Macintosh roses on I so pretty!
Emporio Armani
Not as gorgeous as Giorgio, but it's okay. Tuxedo style is always in.
Alberta Ferretti
The queen of grecian goddess dresses came up with beautiful creations again. Everything is adorable!


2 B's and 2 P's

3 words: ROCKS ROCKS ROCKS! I'm amazed. Love the powerful zebra patterns and fringes.
Burberry Prorsum
I was surprised when the 1st model walked down the catwalk. At the first minute I thought it won't be a good collection, but later as the other girls appeared, I changed my mind. The oversized coats with double collar seemed totally stylish with tight-high boots, extravagant studded clutches and body-con dresses. And here comes the "BUT" again: I miss trench coats.
Okay-okay, the collection is still perfect without them.

Prada caused me a disappointment and it reminds me of The Pierces' song 'Boring'. The 'classic' outfits [with sixties hairdo's] are weird after the S/S collection's lovely and young silhouettes. The only one I like is that cute trench dress on the right.

The best brands came out

Moschino Cheap & Chic
Yes, it IS CHIC! I absolutely love every single piece. Also, the cat-printed accessories are still in! Remember the Miu Miu S/S collection? So cute.
Just Cavalli
The unforgettable colorful prints of Cavalli now appear in leopard version. The pale patterned coat [2nd row, middle] looks great with that fur.
I must say, I can see which looks have been designed by Karl, and which have been by Silvia. Don't you agree? But the collection is pretty cool.
Who would have guessed that the reindeer knitwears from the grandma-era can hit the catwalk? Not me. But D&G does it in a great way, paired with shorts, belts, and... well, yeti-feet, or let's call them extravagant boots. I'm wondering why don't they have high heels, that'd be more funny, like at Zac Posen.


Lupfer, Ilincic, Pringle of Scotland, Schwab, Erdem, Kane, Berardi

Markus Lupfer
Amazing and glamorous! I want every single piece.
Roksanda Ilincic
FélkövérExtreme shapes, but that's why I like it. I was like 'OMG' when I suddenly saw that dress on the right.
Pringle of Scotland
Knits 'n knots.
Marios Schwab
Well... it's okay, I guess. Interesting patterns. Kinée Diouf [on the left] seems to be new this season, I saw her at lots of shows.
Erdem keeps us deep inside colors and florals, as always.
Christopher Kane
The floral version of Russian Roulette, don't you agree? Haha! Leather dresses with flowers on look kinda extreme and cool.
Antonio Berardi
Brand of LBD's. The fur rocks.

Growing closet

I've been shopping today. I saw stylish clothes everywhere, especially in Zara. There were lots of Balmain inspired t-shirts, jeans and jackets, but I didn't buy from them, because I was searching for colorful pieces. Finally I decided to buy a cute red and blue heart print scarf and a green high waisted skirt. Then I entered Bershka and looked for those Alice in Wonderland t-shirts that I wrote about few weeks ago [click here to read the post]. Success! I could buy the Cheshire Cat tee!
And in H&M I found a fabulous blue suede jacket [LOVE], but unfortunately it wasn't my size... what a shame... I'll visit another store, maybe I'll get it.
More things I bought:
- Beige shirt /Bershka
- Envelope necklace /Bershka
- Purple velvet blazer /H&M
- Purple suede clutch /H&M
- Black leather bag /Mango
- Gray cardigan /Mango

Daily runway review coming soon.


Top 5 items of the week

1. Diane von Furstenberg sequined sandals

2. Miu Miu blue suede gladiators3. Burberry blue metallic leather tote
4. Emilio Pucci printed chain wallet
5. Miu Miu denim tote

While eating fried camambert...

...with cranberry jam [so delicious], I'd like to continue writing about fashion shows. Here's the first list for today.

Julien Macdonald
The ripped dresses remind me of Rodarte. Macdonald's signature shoulder pads have gone, he prefers more comfortable clothes this season. The furry white jacket looks stylish!
The brand of cool girls rocks off again. I like the 1st look, cause the layering is amazing. Denim looks great with geometrical patterns - as we could see at Pucci.
Louise Goldin
Vampire attack N°3 - but from the future. Interesting dress shapes, I'm sure, Lady GaGa would wear them.
Duro Olowu
Hmm... not the best, not the worst. Perfect outfits for vintage fanatics! Somehow I thought about Twiggy when I saw the dress on the right.
Holly Fulton
Yes!!! I knew that colors haven't gone forever! Thanks to Holly, the newcomer designer this season. The middle neon dress rocks!
Vamp attack N°4. I'm wondering why didn't the designers called the brand BBQ [barbecue] instead of PPQ? Haha! The collection's color combination is only black-gold, that's why it's a little bit boring. But look at the feet, I see true masterpieces there!
Matthew Williamson
The king of patterns brought out his inner fantasy again, showing us many great creations, like that amazing twisted colorful dress.

Wondering again - I just can't go on

I was searching informations about McQueen again... I just can't go on his... it's HORRIBLE to write down... death.
I came to telegraph.co.uk and find a quote tweeted by himself. I feel so bad for not log in to my Twitter page that time, because I followed him, and now his account is closed... so I can't see his other writings.

"From heaven to hell and back again, life is a funny thing. beauty can come from the most strangest of places even the most disgusting places."

How true.
Oh, and near the quote I found this tweeted little message, too:

"been a ******* awful week but my friends have been great but now i have to some how pull myself together and finish with the HELLS ANGELS & PROLIFIC DEAMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Looks like his new collection was inspired by deamons and dark angels? Hope you heard that it will be shown in Paris on March 9. So, get ready - I cannot wait.

PS. I visited the official website again, and I found a tribute video. Watch it, it's very interesting. Long live McQueen!


Scott, Posen, Tibi, Temperley, Rodarte, Schouler, Marchesa, de la Renta

Jeremy Scott
What a creativity! The LBD's got an artistic makeover. That black gown with the hanger on is fantastic, became my top favorite! The 'Style' batwing tunic is funny, and that shade of a woman is sick on the dress - but that's why I like it! Well done, Jeremy.
Zac Posen
Fresh creations, the look on the left is gorgeous! The middle photo made me laugh, Kim Noorda looks funny. And what are those on her feet? Haha! It seems that furry sky high heels will become trendy! I must get one pair!
When I first heard about this brand, I was surprised, because 'Tibi' is the name of a chocolate in Hungary, also a nickname for men. I thought, who would call his/her company after these? Amy Smilovic. But the brand is getting very popular, and the clothes are amazing. I smell success...
Temperley London
Black 'n white contrast. Signature english shapes. Beautiful.
It's extraordinary to not see Rodarte's typical ripped dresses in dark shades. For the new season it got a pale makeover - flower patterns and whites. I must say it's interesting!
Proenza Schouler
Vampire attack N° 2. All said.
Oh those ruffles! Oh those tulles! Oh those séquins! Oh, wait, I mean, nothing new.
Louboutin beware on the feet!
Oscar de la Renta
The 2nd must have brand for every Upper East Sider woman's closet. Elegant pieces, interesting layering, artistic oversized coats with fur detailing.

Mulberry, Lepore, Katrantzou, Jacobs, Kors, Stuart

Kill me or something like that, but I really did not know that Mulberry released ready-to-wear collections in the past! Well, I'm happy to be informed about it by now, because Emma Hill's designs are fab. And the dogs are cute!
Nanette Lepore
Wow! Nanette is getting better and better. All the clothes look very comfortable and stylish. And the velvet gowns are beautiful [not shown here].Mary Katrantzou
What can I say? I'm amazed. Mary became popular with her previous collection that was inspired by perfume bottles, this time she travels back to the 18th century. The patterns are well-detailed, and the shapes are glamorous. One of my favorite set!
Marc Jacobs
Oh, well... the powerful and vibrant colors have gone. It seems that oversized coats will become one of the main trends next season, I've seen them at lots of other designers aswell.
By the way I really like the gown on the left, but the girl who's wearing it... let's call her Jamie Bochert [I'm sure you've heard about her before]. She always seemed weird to me because she looks like a man... don't you think?
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Nothing new, the collection doesn't really differ of the previous ones. Is the socks-flats pairing still in??? And the little outfits with black velvet dots on [not shown here] are look like Luella's fall 2009 collection.
Michael Kors
Brownie goods, oversized coats and accessories, cowl neck pieces. Love love.
Jill Stuart
The models remind me of vampires, but never mind, Haha! Puff sleeves and overknee boots won't be untrendy.