Growing closet

I've been shopping today. I saw stylish clothes everywhere, especially in Zara. There were lots of Balmain inspired t-shirts, jeans and jackets, but I didn't buy from them, because I was searching for colorful pieces. Finally I decided to buy a cute red and blue heart print scarf and a green high waisted skirt. Then I entered Bershka and looked for those Alice in Wonderland t-shirts that I wrote about few weeks ago [click here to read the post]. Success! I could buy the Cheshire Cat tee!
And in H&M I found a fabulous blue suede jacket [LOVE], but unfortunately it wasn't my size... what a shame... I'll visit another store, maybe I'll get it.
More things I bought:
- Beige shirt /Bershka
- Envelope necklace /Bershka
- Purple velvet blazer /H&M
- Purple suede clutch /H&M
- Black leather bag /Mango
- Gray cardigan /Mango

Daily runway review coming soon.

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