2 B's and 2 P's

3 words: ROCKS ROCKS ROCKS! I'm amazed. Love the powerful zebra patterns and fringes.
Burberry Prorsum
I was surprised when the 1st model walked down the catwalk. At the first minute I thought it won't be a good collection, but later as the other girls appeared, I changed my mind. The oversized coats with double collar seemed totally stylish with tight-high boots, extravagant studded clutches and body-con dresses. And here comes the "BUT" again: I miss trench coats.
Okay-okay, the collection is still perfect without them.

Prada caused me a disappointment and it reminds me of The Pierces' song 'Boring'. The 'classic' outfits [with sixties hairdo's] are weird after the S/S collection's lovely and young silhouettes. The only one I like is that cute trench dress on the right.


  1. The Burberry collection was wonderful. I honestly didn't mind the lack of trench coats, as those jackets were divine! And the shearling boots were another highlight.

  2. I love all of those collections, especially Bluemarine!